Siera Bearchell - The Curvy Queen

Posted by admin02 December 2020

The name Siera Bearchell is not new to the pageant world, but her hardships are: for those who doesn’t know her, It’s a great miss till now. Who is she? This cannot be answered in a single line. She is literally a queen….Miss Universe 2016 Top 9, Miss Supranational 2015 runner up representing Canada. It has been a long drought for Canada in Miss Universe till she set foot on that stage. She got everyone not only by her confidence and answers but also her plus size figure.

Plus size girls are always considered to be a taboo in the pageant community. But this women just broke that stereotype. As she said someone has to be the first to break these stereotypes. She was one of the first women ever to place at Miss Universe and be on the curvy side. She faced lot of body shaming comments but to their surprise, her confidence was way higher than ever before. She quoted “The women who came before me at Miss Universe would not define me. I defined myself: Confident, Proud and Resilient.”

Her Instagram profile radiates such positivity and she even shares her love /hate relationship with her body. Whatever your body type is, you have to love your body such that everything starts from acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. You guys may be wondering how this wonderful women was left out in Top 9 of Miss Universe. Her Evening gown deceived her, she was just asked to select one from a suitcase full of gowns which was not even properly fit for her. This arises a huge problem that all plus size girls are facing right now: unavailability of dedicated plus size stores with adequate collections. You don’t have to shape yourself for the clothes you have, you need to be equipped with the clothes that suits.